The Present

We currently have in the region of forty families who are members of The Otherwise Club, with each family paying membership fees towards the cost of renting premises.

We offer workshops on subjects as varied as:

Stained glass; rock climbing; Shakespearean Drama; Egyptian Pyramid Building and First aid. Pottery and drama are on-going weekly workshops.

As well as regular visits from specialists in areas as diverse as African drumming, Police Dog handling and country dancing, we organise group holidays and excursions, including annual trips to an organic farm, and rock climbing.

The Otherwise Club has been described as:

"...a prototype of the kind of school that educationalists predict will educate our children in the future." (Evening Standard, Jan 1996)

The Otherwise Club provides an invaluable opportunity for families with children out of school to meet regularly, exchange views and offer mutual support. Many friendships are formed, with families often meeting up outside the club. we particularly welcome new families and visitors on the first Thursday of each month.